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Asian Classics Institute

What is it?
Course for teachers of the Asian Classics Institute (ACI)
From ACI Certified Teachers
8 days of intensive training
In Kiev city center
Chance to become a certified teacher to transmit ancient wisdom officially
Learn to teach ACI course 1
"No, I don't teach Tibetan, I don't teach books, I don't teach rituals, I don't teach meditation or retreats, or how to become a monk or num, I only teach how to serve people.

Then, if you are a kelva sangpo, if you are a person of incredible luck, your heart jumps to hear it.

We learn to serve others. You feel chills in your spine. You start to cry. Finally, I found someone who teaches correctly. And your heart knows it is true.

Therefore, when you come here to study, you should only think: "I am going to serve."

Geshe Michael Roach
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This training is designed for students, who:
Already have experience in ACI courses
Want to teach ACI courses correctly
Want to help other people improve their lives
Mission of ACI Teacher Training

We dreamed with you that someday it will become closer to us, so we shouldn't fly a day to the other end of the globe.

Well, when you sow good seeds, dreams come true.

In 2018, we began to hold major events ACI in Kiev in order to show that we have a lot of people interested in this knowledge.

And we managed to show to all other countries, that not only 30 people can attend courses, and that can it be a large-scale event for 150, 300, 500 people.

Thanks to your support and interest in these teachings, we showed Geshe Michael and the leadership of ACI, that this knowledge is really in demand.

Negotiations with leadership f ACI in Sedona gave their results. And now we have a chance to organize courses for teachers of ACI in Russian!

This will help tens of thousands of people in our countries start using the principle «What goes around comes around» to build a successful life.

It is a great honor to be pioneers and an example in such a case!

What will we learn on the course?
How to present ACI course topics
How to appear before the public
How to tell clearly and easily about complex issues in the ACI course
How to answer for ACI students' questions
How to create your own examples for topics from ACI courses

Courses for ACI teachers which will be held 8 days in the center of Kiev.
Tim Lowenhaupt

✓ Executive director of the Asian Classics Institute, Sedona
Has been studying and practicing ancient wisdom more than 15 years
Previously, he served as Director of Product Management (Doctor-Patient Video Communication Technology) and Portfolio Manager for Pharmaceutical Marketing.
Organically integrates ancient wisdom at work and in everyday life, introducing best business and lifestyle practices that include daily meditation, yoga and healthy eating habits.

Peter Moertl and Mariya Kondratyeva-Moertl
Some of the best students of Geshe Michael
Fully dedicated their lives to spreading the invaluable knowledge that can put everyone out of their suffering.
Сonstantly conduct public master classes, teaching live and online courses on the seed system in America, Europe, CIS, ACI courses in Kiev and now in Moscow, meditation retreats
Are an example of true dedication, pure motivation, hard practice and serving .
Thanks to Peter and Maria, the ACI courses are now taught in the CIS and Europe.
They set up an ACIP Gold Club that collects the most donations of all countries for Geshe Michael project to preserve ancient books.
The launch of ACI Teacher Courses in Kiev in 2020 is also a credit to them.


The arrangement fee is 800$ (without accommodation and food)

Money will be used for:
Teachers salaries
Hall rental
Technical equipmentrental
Event marketing and promotion
Event organisationcosts
Course registration conditions:
Make a non-refundable deposit 5 $
Fill in the form
Wait for your application to be considered
Place of event
The course will be held in the conference hall in the center of Kiev
How do I become a Certified ACI Educator?
You need to complete 3 teacher training courses and then get approval from your senior teachers to run ACI courses.
Join us on a journey to mastership!
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